Welcome to the Art and Cook test kitchen, where all the behind-the-scenes magic happens. Our test kitchen is in Brooklyn next to our design studio. We not only tests recipes; we also put all our products to the test, making sure every tool we make can stand up to the rigors of the kitchen.

In the Art and Cook test kitchen, we test, taste, and perfect recipes. Some recipes are originals developed by our in-house team of culinary experts; some recipes have been developed for us by other chefs and pros.

Before we publish any recipe on our site, we prepare it, over and over, if need be, until we're confident it's great. We need to confirm that the recipe is clearly written and easy to follow—and that it delivers a delicious result. The members of our test kitchen team are adventurous, experienced eaters and cooks. We know exactly how to tweak a meh recipe to make its flavors sing. We’re fearless confident cooks, ready to tackle any recipe that lands in our inbox. Even pie crust! 

Peek in Our Pantry

Some of our must-have pantry staples are Diamond Crystal kosher salt, Maldon sea salt, Nielsen-Massey vanilla extract, San Marzano tomatoes, sriracha, extra-virgin olive oil, pure maple syrup, fish sauce, and peanut butter.

Essential Test Kitchen Tools

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