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Drooling yet? Find Claudio's original recipes for Muesli and Granola below.

Muesli recipe here

Granola recipe here.

Muesli reminds me of my childhood in Berlin and the continental breakfast at the hotel where I started my culinary career. The breakfast offered a variety of muesli, yogurts, fruits and much more. Muesli is a nice healthy breakfast packed with a lot of fiber. Growing up, the way we ate muesli was very straight forward with milk, though sometimes I like to substitute yogurt instead and add some fresh fruit like bananas. The cornflakes add a nice extra layer of crunch, the freeze dried fruits soak up the milk and give a lovely light acidity, and the chocolate rounds it all out. Who doesn’t like fruits dipped in chocolate?

Meanwhile, Granola always felt like a treat for me. You can eat it with yogurt and make a nice parfait, or as a topping to ice cream for some added crunch. This recipe is a great go-to, but you can adjust and experiment with flavors as you see fit. For example, if you don’t like pecans you can replace them with cashews. If you’re not a big fan of honey you could add some maple syrup and so on. Instead of the coconut oil you could use some butter as well to make it even richer. The possibilities are endless and delicious. 

By Claudio Miolin, baker and owner of Miolin Bakery in Brooklyn, NY

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