Robert Grosso

Senior Buyer
Robert’s superpower is reading people. That, alongside his strong negotiation and management skills is why he holds an impeccable reputation within the industry. Growing up in New Rochelle, just outside of NYC, Robert has always been drawn to the fast-paced environment, global perspective and closing the sale in the food industry. In his downtime, he loves to travel, ski, hike and camp. 

Midnight snack- Crumb cake and milk

Favorite food memory- Crawfish boils. This brings me back to when I was living and working in Louisiana.  We didn’t need a reason to have one, we just had them in the moment.

Favorite artist- Jerry Garcia-dead head for life!

What’s your can’t live without art & cook product? 
The meteor pans. They literally are that good. I make anything and everything in them. Sunny-side eggs in the morning to a salt crusted ribeye in the evening.