We are the makers of Art and Cook, the 2004 bestseller that re-imagined the cookbook as a meditation on life, culture and artistry rather than a mere manual of recipes. From the start, Allan Ben has sought to invent and motivate, to sweep away all notions of time spent in the kitchen as drudgery; nothing less, in fact, than to explore the Zen of food preparation.

Cooking is an intricate act-art form and craft; a pursuit of the senses and of the intellect -as delicately balanced as the spices in a fine dish. When Art and Cook turned its attention to revolutionizing the mechanics of cooking, it committed itself to creating tools that heighten not only efficiency, but also the visual and tactile gratification of the cooking experience.

We’ll help you put food on the table, more than that we’re here to feed your head. Great ideas are to the soul and mind as food is to the body.

Supporting Charity

We strive to give back to our local community and stop food inequality and insecurity. We are in the process of partner outreach.