Claire is from a small town in Pennsylvania (no she does not put fries on her salad). She moved to NYC in 2017 to start college at FIT. Beginning in the world of fashion, she realized she was drawn to home and interiors and majored in home products development. Claire has always been into baking, Nutella brownies being one of the first. Quarantine was when she realized that she didn’t dislike or was bad at cooking, she just never had the time to dive into it. She now cooks a variety of cuisines -- Korean BBQ tofu being one of her go-to's. Combining her love of product design and kitchen, she joined the team at art and cook!

What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it?
I would love to give NYC food and history tours!!! I love the rich food history of NYC and how it’s a melting pot of different cuisines.

What are you surprisingly good at?
Bocce ball!! Especially fun in summer with good friends and after a couple Aperol Spritzes 😊

What’s your can’t live without art & cook product? 
The kapsule water bottle! It allows me to stay hydrated at all times while being aesthetically pleasing!

Robert Grosso

Senior Buyer