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Rebecca Maloof

There are tons of art books that are amazing to keep in your home, whether they are used as decor, coffee table books, or are simply fun to have. But, there are some books that aren’t art books, that every art-lover should consider adding to their collection, (and should read.) 

If you’re a lover of the arts, you know that there are too many mediums to keep count. There’s music, film, literature, fine art, I mean, the list goes on and on. Here’s a list of some books, that aren’t coffee table books, that any art lover (of any style) will enjoy (I hope.) 

Normal People (2018)
This fiction book by Sally Rooney was adapted into a short series on Hulu. The show is breathtakingly beautiful and is a true and accurate representation of the novel. The novel, while not marketed as a book about art, per se, talks a lot about art, politics, and is something that any creative person will find interesting, plus the writing is stellar. 

Call Me By Your Name (2007) 
This novel, too, was adapted into a film, starring everyone’s favorite, Timmy Chalamet. Though the novel was written in 2007, the film adaptation was released in 2017. The presence of art in this book is prominent. There are many scholarly discussions about art history in this novel, so anyone interested in traditional art forms will enjoy this one. 

Maybe The People Would Be The Times (2020)
This nonfiction memoir by Lucy Sante is a recollection of New York City in its prime. This author dives into the world of music. The book is one that any pop-art fan will appreciate, as this author focuses on the underground, alt-scenes in the 60s and 70s. She details albums by Patti Smith, but also dissects work by Warhol and his groupies, so there is a little something for everyone. 

My Year of Rest and Relaxation (2018) 
This book is quite controversial. I will go ahead and give a trigger warning, as it focuses on depression, eating disorders, and addiction. However, this book, too, is one that art-lovers will enjoy. The narrator is a hard-to-love character who works in an art gallery. The book is witty, funny, and at times, really problematic. But, nonetheless, it is entertaining, and the emphasis on art is very strong. 

These are just a few books, some memoirs, some fiction, some nonfiction. If you are a fan of art in different forms, it can be fun to dive into books to immerse yourself in it even more. These recommendations are only a few but are each unique and interesting.

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