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Rebecca Maloof

Tips For Styling Coffee Table Books: 

  • Try stacking a few books to add some variation to your living room.

  • Open the book to a page you particularly enjoy and let the page be the decor.

  • Add candles or plants on top of the books.

  • Use a tray to display the books on the table, versus sprawling them out. 

  • Stack your books in threes. 

  • Display the spine, the best design of the book is often on the spine, don’t underestimate it.

Books are my favorite way to decorate. If I walk into someone’s house and don’t see at least a few books, I question our friendship (kidding!) (not really, though….) 

Books are a reflection of your interests, so even if you’re not a huge reader, grab some coffee table books, art books, and even magazines. There are so many ways to showcase your interests through decor, and books are, in my not so humble opinion, the best way. Coffee table books, specifically, are a staple in solid home decor. Whether you actually use them on your coffee table or not is up to you, but stacking these kinds of books around the house will add a cool, sophisticated element to your home. 


Taschen books are honestly the holy grail of art books. Taschen makes a range of books of your favorite artists’ work. They have a huge selection, and the design of these books is always flawless. The spine of each book, regardless of size, will read Taschen on the end, so a small stack of these on your coffee table will make it look put-together and effortless.

Slim Aarons 

Slim Aarons: Style is a photo book showcasing the iconic work by Slim Aarons himself. Aarons work can only be explained as classic and glamorous, as he famously captured fashionable people. Just flipping through this book will inspire you, and maybe make you a little jealous that you don’t have your own Oscar de la Renta gown. 


Assouline books are the best. I mean it. These books are all gorgeous. The design of these coffee table books is enough to make me want them all, I mean they could all be blank inside, and I’d still buy them just for the cover art alone. Browse the selections and see what’s right for you, you’ll definitely find something. 

Patti Smith 

Patti Smith, the legendary musician, is annoyingly, just as talented a writer, if even possible. Her book, Just Kids, comes in a large, illustrated, hardback version, that is the perfect coffee table book. This book is one of my absolute favorites, and being able to display it as an art book is amazing. All writers should start doing this!!! 

Annie Leibovitz & Anna Wintour

Annie Leibovitz is one of the most influential photographers to date, and her book, Wonderland, displays her photography beautifully. The crisp and glossy pages are easily so pretty, making for a great conversation starter. There are also a lot of celebrity photos in here, as she mainly photographs celebrities, so if you’re a mega-fan of Vogue (Anna Wintour worked on the book too) and the celebrities on the covers, this one is for you. 

Greta Gerwig 

For those of you who pride yourselves on your indie status, you’re probably an A24 fan, and by proxy, a Greta Gerwig fan. And if you aren’t, honestly, just don’t talk to me. Greta Gerwig’s film, Lady Bird, is kind of a cult fan-favorite now, and so it makes sense that this book, Lady Bird Screenplay Book exists. This is the perfect addition to your home, showing your immaculate taste in films. 


Kinfolk magazines are so pretty, they themselves should be displayed on coffee tables, and often are. But you can take it one step further with their Kinfolk Travel: Slower Ways To See The World hardback. This book is gorgeous and is ideal if you’re into minimalistic interiors. This neutral cover won’t stand out but will add a cool layer to your coffee table or bookshelf. 

Of course, choose books that represent your taste. These are some of my favorites, though there are so many options out there. The important part is to show off your taste and interests in your home, adding your own personality to your space. Remember to try and support local book stores while you shop.

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