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Tips For Arranging Flowers:

  • Keep it simple, don’t try and add too many different flowers to one arrangement
  • If you don’t have a vase, wrap the flowers in brown parchment or newspaper, it’s way cuter than the plastic wrap that stores put on flowers 
  • Always add the flower food to your water before gifting the bouquet 
  • Don’t add a ton of water, and don’ get any leaves in the water, as the flowers won’t last as long that way
Never arrive empty handed. Here's our guide to what you should bring to a soirée. Just in time for the holiday season...

With the holidays approaching, your schedule might become a bit busier, with invites to office Christmas parties and friends’ white elephant gift exchanges. If this is true for you, you’re not going to want to show up to these soirées empty-handed. 

Of course, you should assess the overall vibe of the shindig you are invited to, and try and find something to bring that your hosts and their guests will enjoy.


Yes, this is a classic, but for a reason. Showing up to a get-together with a bottle of wine will always be a nice gesture, and you’re bound to find someone at the event that wants a glass. This is a nice way of showing common courtesy, but also treating yourself, as they will probably open the bottle during the party. Although don’t feel confined, a bottle of nice champagne will do too. 


This one might be a bit controversial for some, and depending on your family-style, you might not want to show up to your Grandma’s house on New Year’s Eve with marijuana, but, if you do find yourself invited to a party where the hosts and guests are happy to partake, showing up with a joint is a generous and fun gift. 


You really can’t go wrong showing up to a party with some sweet treats. Of course, I’m not talking about running into the grocery store and grabbing a plastic container of sugar cookies. Put some effort into it. Show off your taste by showing up with some french macarons, or a box of truffles. This is a simple and elegant way to bring something nice for the host. 


One of my personal favorite things to bring to a get-together or party is flowers for the host. Once again, I don’t mean running into the grocery store on your way over and grabbing a small, plastic-wrapped bouquet (although, desperate times call for desperate measures.) I mean, create an arrangement, and have it already in a vase. This way, the host can use it as decor for the party, and you get to show off some creativity in your arrangement. It doesn’t have to be pricey either, just get some artistic juices flowing and create something fun and pretty.

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