Must-Have Home Decor for Eccentric-Style Lovers

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Rebecca Maloof

Tips for Maximalist Design: 

  • Start with a lot of color. I mean, a lot. 

  • Make a gallery wall. Fill your walls with as much art as possible. 

  • Incorporate lots of busy prints and patterns. 

  • Use wallpaper to cover blank wall space. 

  • Add vintage pieces to your home, as well as modern. Maximalism is about utilizing everything.

If you are a maximalist or love eccentric home decor, this guide is for you. While minimalism gained popularity over the last few years, maximalism slowly made its way back into the mainstream. Eccentric home decor styles are coming back and are pretty trendy at the moment. Think colorful candles, busy wallpapers, and lots and lots of velvet. These are a few of my favorite home decor pieces that match the eccentric aesthetic.

Ripple High Ball Emerald Glasses

These glasses are perfect for anyone who loves to add color to their home. These emerald glasses are gorgeous (I'm not biased, I promise.) They are ideal for adding a pop of brightness to your at-home bar, and the gold rim adds a bit of elegance. These are the perfect addition to an eccentric home and make great gifts. (They also come in a rocks size, FYI.)

HAY Pillar Candle 

I'm a massive fan of HAY products. I have a few LED lights, organizational crates and bins, and a coffee table tray. These, though, have been on my mind since I saw them. If you're into bright colors and adding lots of layers to your home decor, these pillar candles are perfect for you. 

Pop Art Skateboards 

Pop Art is the epitome of maximalism, with lots of colors, different textures, and minimalism's complete opposite aesthetic. What better way to celebrate maximalism in your house than to decorate with the master of it, Warhol? These skateboards from the MoMa Design Store are amazing, and they come in other maximalist prints as well. 

Dusen Dusen Everybody Trash Can

Designing your home with a maximalist style is a commitment. Part of the appeal of maximalism is making everything stand out and making everything fun. This trash bin is the perfect example of that and is a great way to add some fun to your house. 

Cold Picnic Rugs

Cold Picnic specializes in making fun, abstract rugs full of color and shapes. They have too many to choose from to suggest just one, all of them are great, even the bath mats (I have two!) These rugs will complete any room and are ideal for anyone trying to incorporate maximalist design into their home.

Tapered Flatware 

Part of what makes maximalism so interesting is that it leaves so much room for expression. That means that you can get fun and creative, even when it comes to small things like flatware. This tapered flatware set, specifically the gold and black set, are perfect for a maximalist-lover. These will add a flair to your table and nicely bring together all the different patterns in your home.

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