Cottage Core: What Is It Really?

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Rebecca Maloof

Ways To Incorporate Cottage Core Into Your Life: 

  • Fill your home with plants 

  • Decorate with rustic, warm-colored accents

  • Take up hobbies: gardening, reading, baking, etc. 

  • Dress for comfort (worn in denim, loose, flowy dresses and shirts, chunky sweaters, etc.)

  • Keep your kitchen filled with jars of flour, grains, etc. 

  • Hang your pots and pans up 

  • Dim the lights and keep candles lit to create a cozy ambiance at all times

The pandemic seemed to influence different aesthetics in a lot of ways. One of the newest styles of lifestyle aesthetics is cottage core. If you haven’t heard of cottage core, you’re probably straight, or maybe you just haven’t downloaded TikTok and wasted days of your life scrolling your ‘for you’ page. 

Either way, the cottage core vibe is everything and is appealing for so, so many reasons. First, let’s explain a bit. So cottage core is an aesthetic that popped off during the first Covid lockdown. This came to popularity, mainly because of the appeal of isolation. For the people who thrived in lockdown, you will probably resonate with the obsession that people have with the cottage core vibe.

So this is what cottage core looks like: imagine a lesbian couple living together in a small cottage in the forest. Think sewing your own clothes, baking apple pie, gardening, drinking a hot coffee while it rains outside, a house full of plants and candles. Cottage core is the epitome of coziness, and for whatever reason, the lesbian community claimed it as their own. The pandemic played a part in this, as it romanticized life separate from reality, which is maybe why the LGBTQ+ community loved it so much. This aesthetic is a representation, possibly, of a life away from societal norms and pressures. There is something incredibly comforting about the idea of living free of any judgment, just you and your partner together in a cabin. This aesthetic is full of warmth and a sense of safety. 

If you’re still confused, maybe this TikTok will help you envision the lifestyle, and will lend some inspiration as well, as the cottage core aesthetic really is beautiful.


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