Year 2022 Lovin’ Eat!

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Tips For Staying Safe This New Year’s Eve:

  • Don’t drink and drive 
  • Don’t leave drinks unattended 
  • Don’t kiss strangers (we are still in a pandemic!)
  • Definitely eat McDonald’s after midnight champagne 
  • Don’t post a thousand Instagram stories you will regret the next day 
  • Drink lots of water!
2021 was a hard year. I mean, I guess it was better than 2020. At least we knew about the global pandemic this time around, and a vaccine was discovered, so there was progress. But this year was still filled with Zoom meetings, Facetimes with family members, and socially distanced celebrations.

There may be some hope on the horizon, but honestly, who knows. There seems to be a new Covid variant discovered every day, and it can seem overwhelming most of the time. But, there can be a light at the end of the tunnel, and maybe that is the year 2022? 

Who knows, maybe 2022 will surprise us all as one of the most incredible years in history, but for now, here are some small things to look forward to as the new year rolls around. 

TV Shows 
I mean, yeah, technically new shows come out every year, and new seasons as well. But, the roster of seasons and series coming out this year is quite impressive. We have a new Euphoria season, a new Stranger Things season, as well as a new season of Ozark. (I will watch anything starring Jason Bateman.) This list alone is worthy of some 2022 praise. 

New music is always being released, and that's the beauty of the music industry. I mean, we now know that Taylor Swift is re-recording all of her albums, so at least we have something to look forward to as she continues doing so. Music is one of the most expressive artistic industries, so looking forward to new music is always easy. Regardless of genre, it’s quite easy to promise that something released in 2022 will tickle your fancy. 

Think of all the trends that 2021 brought about. Early 2000s fashion is back in style, and yes, that means low rise jeans are back. So are belly chains, headphones with wires, tiny purses, and small sunglasses. There is something so fun about starting each new year fresh, and seeing what styles become popular as the year goes on. 

Something interesting about food is that each year, it seems there is some kind of food that is trending. This year, we were introduced to Emily Mariko’s TikTok salmon and rice recipe, K-dogs, and “nature’s cereal” (aka: ice, water, and fruit eaten out of a bowl with a spoon.) McDonald’s mukbangs will probably still trend on YouTube, though. No worries about that. It will be entertaining to look forward to the food trends we are introduced to in 2022, though. 

It’s nice to look forward to new movie releases each year, and 2022 has some good ones in store. Don’t Worry Darling, starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh is sure to impress, Knives Out 2 will be hilarious, and the Black Panther sequel is highly anticipated. There are some impressive projects releasing in 2022.

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