The New Mobile Chef Model

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Lynda Layng

Hungry for something new? Give this mobile kitchen a try.

Recently, I started noticing a large, purple van parked in my New Jersey neighborhood most evenings . . . and the glorious mouth-watering aromas it sent wafting into my backyard. My appetite and my curiosity were definitely piqued! So the other day, unable to resist the unmistakable smell of grilled steak and mushrooms, I walked over to investigate. What I discovered were two cheerful chefs cooking a gorgeous fresh meal in the back.

Turns out, the chefs work for Wonder, a new mobile food start-up that brings the restaurant to you! Wonder takes meal delivery to the next level. When a purple Wonder van parks outside your home, it delivers the chefs, their kitchen, and most importantly their extraordinary food. What a fantastic idea! Fresh, hot meals from the eateries you love–minus the disappointment that almost always arrives with take-away.

As much as I appreciate delivery, it’s been my experience that when restaurants deliver, their food’s quality gets lost along the way. Wonder solves this problem.

Here’s how it works: You place your order through an app. Chef’s are dispatched with all the fixings to prepare your order. They then finish and plate your meal just steps from your door, serving it piping hot and perfectly beautiful, just the way it should be. Now, you really can get everything you love about restaurant cooking without leaving home! From the appetizers and cocktails to the mains and desserts, it's like having a caterer parked in your driveway, while your kitchen remains clean. Sounds dreamy, right?

Wonder is just one example of a growing trend. The number of food trucks motoring on city streets has exploded since the pandemic forced many of us, who are fortunate, to stay at home and work. I’ve seen trucks delivering exquisite artisanal ice cream to full on fancy dinners. It’s a great option for working couples to enjoy something special when they’re too busy to leave home. And the user-friendly apps make ordering from your phone a breeze. It’s so easy, I’m thinking this could become a habit!

If the drive-up chef business model proves profitable, expect more to pop up across the U.S. Good news for time-crunched families and working parents wanting to get fresh food on the table fast. At my home, this is going to revolutionize date night! Table for two, in your best loungewear? Sounds pretty fun.

Check out Wonder and its restaurant menus if you’re in the New York Metro area. Here's to fresh, flavorful food, cooked to order for you and the ones you love. Cheers!

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