How Air Pollution Is Actually Affecting Your Life

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Sharon Horev
Rebecca Maloof
We all know about the dangers of climate change, global warming, and other human-inflicted issues on our planet. Yes, air pollution is one of them. But, how is it actually affecting us? You might not even realize how it does, but rest assured, this guide will inform you how air pollution is infiltrating your life and the steps you can take to be proactive against it. 

Quality of Sleep 
Sleep, and the quality of it, can profoundly affect your general wellbeing and overall health. Believe it or not, the quality of the air you are inhaling does influence your sleep cycles and how well you are resting. If you live in a fire-prone and dry area, your air quality might not be ideal for sleeping. Consider investing in an air purifier to keep the air in your bedroom of the highest caliber, that way; you are ensured a good night's rest. 

The pollutants that different trees, plants, and pollen produce are considered air pollutants. So, if you are fighting allergies during the year, it is good to know that these are caused by a *natural* kind of air pollution. Keep some Allegra on deck, and take care of your allergies as directed, of course, by your doctor. 

It turns out, no matter how much La Mer moisturizer you use, your skin is easily affected by the surrounding air. Air pollution has many forms, and it is vital to protect against all of them. Because of greenhouse gases and the warming ozone layers, if you live in a primarily sunny location, make sure to be using LOTS, and I mean LOTS of sunscreens. Ultraviolet radiation is real and can cause skin cancer and other skin issues. 

These are only a few precautions that you can take to protect yourself from air pollution. This climate crisis is, of course, complicated but can influence your life significantly. Remember to shower after time outside, as certain pollutants can stick on your clothes and skin, even from cars and machinery. Check your weather reports, and pay attention to the air quality portions of the forecast. Remember that ozone levels are lowest in the morning, so maybe adjust your nightly jog to a morning one. The bottom line is, these climate changes are significantly impacting those on Earth, and it is best to stay as aware as possible. Stay safe out there. 

By Rebecca Maloof

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