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Rebecca Maloof

Tips For Creating A Gallery Wall:

A great way to style art prints is with the creation of a gallery wall. There are really no rules when creating a gallery wall, but here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Use different sized frames 
  • Position the smaller frames in the middle and work your way around them 
  • Map out exactly where you want the frames to go before hammering nails into the wall
  • Use painters tape to measure the frames and create a blueprint on the wall
  • Use different styles and colors of frames

You heard me. Time to get that dreamy artist loft you've been lusting after on Instagram! Don't fret, these prints will speed up the process.

My favorite way to decorate a space is with books, plants, and art. As long as you have some nice books, a few plants to add some life, and some cool wall art, you’re on the right track. Shopping for the right art prints to hang on your walls can seem stressful, so let me guide you in the right direction. These are some art prints that I’ve had my eye on, (or already own.) Modern art is a great way to add color and texture to a room, and art prints, whether photography or illustration, will do just that.

House of Spoils 

I’ve had my eye on some prints from House of Spoil’s collection for quite some time. These prints are all photography, and range in the subject. There are some gorgeous landscape photos, as well as some more modern, pieces, like my favorite, JJ’s Lips print. You can also order these framed, which is super convenient. 

Museum of Modern Art 

The MoMa is one of my favorite museums to frequent in New York, I always feel inspired after leaving, and want to cover my apartment walls with modern art. The MoMA store is the perfect place for that, and honestly, you can’t go wrong buying an art print of something iconic, that you know you love. They have a huge range of selections, but my favorite is some Warhol prints. Buying prints from your favorite museums is a good way to showcase your preferences. 

Society 6 

Society 6 is the place to look for affordable art prints. There are a lot of options for art on here, and I recommend you take your time and search through the site for something that really calls to you. They do have a lot of interesting art prints, like this Bauhaus one, or this David Hockney print. 

Music Posters 

Don’t knock the idea of music posters as wall art. When framed, and properly displayed, music posters can be wonderful ways to display artwork. I suggest that you don’t hang these unframed, that way you can avoid the college dorm room style. I personally have this Phoebe Bridgers poster framed on my wall, and I love it. But, any music poster of a beloved artist can add some character to a room. 


Etsy is a complicated site. There is a lot to choose from, and finding exactly what you want can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. So, I recommend finding patience while searching for art prints on Etsy. But, it will be worth it. Supporting small artists is important. Here are some Etsy prints that will help create an artist’s loft-style ambiance. 

These art prints suggestions will end up leading you to a bunch of different prints and decor pieces that will add so much style to your home. Incorporating artwork that represents your personality is so vital to creating a home that reflects your personality, and a home that you will feel yourself in.

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