Fun Facts About Food That Will Make You Smile Today

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Folic Acids 

You may have heard that carrots can help your eyesight, but have you heard that folic acids in greens can help your hearing? Yep, it's true. So, maybe try a new recipe for kale, or if you're not into that, try adding some spinach into a smoothie. Making a spinach smoothie may be a great way to get your greens in without going through the trouble of massaging a bunch of kale. 


Well, we just covered the fact that carrots improve vision, so if you're a carrot-hater, you're in luck. Eggs are also remarkable in the same way carrots are. The zinc element found in eggs improves vision, so instead of snacking on some carrots and hummus, make some eggs Benedict and call it a day. 

Vitamin C 

We all probably do the same thing any time we feel a tickle in our throat, which is throw back a shot of vitamin C, trying not to choke on the chalky, orange-colored powder of an Emergen-C packet. While Vitamin C is good for our immune system, it is also really beneficial for energy. Vitamin C can help raise your energy, so try grabbing an orange next time you're feeling low energy and avoid a Red Bull caffeine crash. 

Fruit of Love? 

This is possibly the cutest food fact on this list and one that makes a lot of sense. Strawberries are considered the fruit of love. This fun fact is enjoyable, assuming it goes hand-in-hand with Valentine's Day's holiday of love. It turns out there's a reason chocolate-covered strawberries become so popular in February each year! These little fruits represent love, and it definitely adds up. 

Tryptophan Protein 

Bananas are a versatile snack. You can add them into smoothies, bake with them, add them to toast, eat them plain, I mean the options are endless. And, it turns out, bananas have more to them than meets the eye. These fruits actually hold calming powers. Well, maybe not powers, per se, but they do have a calming effect. This effect is because of a type of protein found in the bananas, called Tryptophan (whatever that is). This protein has a calming effect and can even improve mood. Try adding some banana into a batch of *special* brownies for an even more intense, calming experience. 


If you're like every other social-media-addicted person out there, this one is for you. Studies show that using your phone before bed can decrease the amount of deep sleep you receive and make it harder to fall asleep. Because of this, many people resort to sleeping aids, one of the more natural of these medications is melatonin. It seems, though, there are a few ways to ingest this sleepy-time helper. Instead of popping a pill, you can try eating some cherries before bed. These sweet little fruits contain the "dark hormone" melatonin and improve your quality of sleep. Who knew! 

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