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Lynda Layng

From cooking techniques to must-try recipes, these popular YouTube chefs are putting out creative content and making things easy and fun for everyone who tunes in. If you’ve got time tonight, grab some snacks (you WILL get hungry), head over to YouTube, and watch these culinary wizards work their magic. 

By Lynda Layng

Mississippi Vegan Timothy Pakron. A hilarious, talented chef and food blogger, Pakron crafts vegan comfort food with Southern flair. He mainly uses fresh ingredients from his garden, which is an inspiring invitation to think about cooking with what’s in season locally, to eat more plants, and to learn something new. It was Pakron who showed me how easy it is to make focaccia and bagels. I don’t think I’d have tried if it weren’t for him! He’s fun, he’s fresh, and his recipe for tofu bacon is not to be missed! Find it on YouTube here

Nigella Lawson Here’s a tip: If you can, watch Nigella on a laptop because you’re going to want to take her into the kitchen with you and start cooking. Her laid-back vibe and simple, no- nonsense videos make you feel like you're together at the stove, stirring, seasoning, and sipping cocktails. She offers tips that’ll help you get a lovely meal onto your plate fast, without stress and with very little mess. We especially love watching her Best of Nigella Lawson's Comfort Food compilations. But, honestly, any of her videos will do. Check her out. 

Rosanna Pansino Pansino is best known for her internet cooking show “Nerdy Nummies,” which she's hosted since 2011. She’s now hitting the bigtime as host of “Baketopia” on HBO Max. Young and full of ideas, she will definitely put you in the mood for holiday baking. Be sure to wear your apron (or a bib!) when you watch, because you will drool over her amazing sweet treats. 

Jamie Oliver We all know him and love him. This chef and dad is famous around the globe as much for his charm as for his accessible home cooking that’s big on flavor and heavy on the fresh veggies and herbs. Oliver has been sharing his passion for food with the world for decades now, since being featured in a 1997 documentary about the peerless British restaurant River Cafe. It’s a rare thing to hang with a chef who’s so deservedly famous and whose energy remains so down-to-earth he feels like an old pal. Make anything of his, and you'll be a winner. If you want a starting point, we highly recommend his Veggie Sausage Roll video here

Molly Baz Molly Baz from the test kitchens of Bon Appetit is now a culinary powerhouse in her own right, and she’s cooking to-die-for meals on YouTube. She has also penned a cookbook, Cook This Book–which, while not technically edible, is chock-full of irresistible easy recipes for any time of day. We’re in love with her egg sandwich ideas … and, oh, those roast chicken dinners. Check her out for something wonderful to make tonight. 


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