Art and Cook: Bringing Creativity Back to the Kitchen

“We’ll help you put food on the table - more than that, we’re here to feed your head. Great ideas are to the soul and mind as food is to the body.” Allan Ben

Who is Art and Cook?

We design and create distinctive kitchenware that is functional and beautiful. We aim to inject more joy and life into cooking and all that it brings: connection, fun, experimentation, and artistry. 

To us, cooking is an art and a craft - a pursuit of the senses and of the intellect, as delicately balanced as the flavors in a fine dish. When Art and Cook turned its attention to the mechanics of cooking, we committed to creating tools that heighten not only the efficiency, but also the visual and tactile gratification of your cooking experience.

You’re never far away from an inspired recipe or pro cooking tip with Art and Cook. Across this website and all our social media channels, our endeavor is to stimulate the senses and encourage creative expression in the kitchen. 

Our Mission: Bringing Creativity to the Kitchen and Table

Everything we create is based on marrying function to form, style to quality, innovation to inspiration. We are all about enhancing your cooking experience - and your life.  

Our founding director, Allan Ben, had a vision to change the way we think about time in the kitchen. He authored the bestseller, Art and Cook, a cookbook re-imagined as a meditation on life, culture, and artistry rather than a conventional collection of recipes with predictable photography. 

Art and Cook book by Allan Ben

From the beginning, we have sought to disrupt, invent, and motivate; to sweep away outdated notions about cooking and to celebrate the beauty and meaning of time spent in the kitchen. 

We see the kitchen as the heart of the home. It's the place where people are reconnecting after an unprecedented global pandemic. Art and Cook is here to help you make room for more guests at your table by offering everything you need to host and entertain.

Art and Cook Products: A Cut Above the Rest

We want Art and Cook products to spark the question: how have I ever lived without this?! Kitchen solutions like a fat separator cup or bulb baster for holiday roasts - you won’t know what you’ve been missing until they’re in your hands! Or the Art and Cook silicone crust mold and silicone crust protector for all your festive winter baking. How have we survived without these simple pie-making hacks?

Art and Cook silicone pie crust protector

When it comes to inspired style, why not reach for our colorful wood-handled knives or sleek steel and silicone utensils? We are committed to creating innovative products that enhance every aspect of your cooking and entertaining experience while staying true to our vision for artistry and beautiful design. 

Kitchen Solutions You Didn’t Know You Needed

Whether you’re a budding cook or a master chef, we offer a range of products for your every gastronomic need. Maybe you’re kitting out your first apartment in downtown L.A. or wanting to share your love of cooking with a little one at home. You’ll find Art and Cook products to meet you wherever you are on your culinary journey. 

With Art and Cook, you’ll find products you can’t see anywhere else on the market. Who doesn’t love a pleasing-on-the-eye kitchen storage solution? Or a set of vintage-inspired emerald glassware for cocktail hour? And with clever designs like the Art and Cook gravy fat separator cup or wine aerator, we offer kitchen solutions you didn’t even know you needed! 

The Art and Cook Subscription Box

We’re super excited to debut the new Art and Cook Subscription Box membership program: a carefully curated selection of essential and just-for-fun products to encourage creativity in your kitchen. All at unbeatable prices with free delivery when you sign up to become an Art and Cook member. 

And so, in keeping with the season, we are introducing our premiere Winter Box - an inspiring collection of items designed to take the stress out of shopping for essential and not-so-essential kitchen products. 

Art and Cook Winter Subscription Box

You’ll find beautifully designed bakeware, marble coasters, napkin rings, and a precision meat thermometer as well as other carefully selected products. Count on us to bring stylish functionality to the heart of your home this season. 

The Art and Cook Community - Recipe Inspiration and Top Tips 

To enjoy more of our pro cooking tips and delectable recipes, join our community on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. And if you’d like Art and Cook’s latest offers, discounts, and news dropped straight into your inbox, subscribe to our emails. Let us become your go-to source of recipes, inspiration, and education.

Art and Cook recipes

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