Rosa grew up in Bogota, Colombia and got her start in illustration and graphic design at a young age. In high school she would craft letters for her friends’ crushes. Realizing she had a talent for illustration and design, she decided to major in graphic design and advertising in Bogota and continued her studies at Pratt. She went on to illustrate children’s books, and then moved into advertising, designing for some major international brands. Rosa’s heart races when she starts a project and she has to come up with a brand-new concept and design. Her passion continues to grow as her creations come to life! Rosa is constantly evolving and challenging herself with every project she tackles. In her free time, she can be found traveling the world, meal prepping, or organizing the best parties. Her love of dancing always gets the party started.

What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it?
Dance professionally or children’s books illustration. I actually started my career in illustrating children’s books and find it extremely rewarding to see the joy on a child’s face. 

What’s one Art and Cook product you can’t live without? 
The one cup coffee maker! The teal color is my favorite- I love the design and small size! It is easy to use, and quick and convenient for a single person like me! Hook a girl up, I’m single! Lol.

Robert Grosso

Senior Buyer