Originally from an Ultra-Orthodox Hassidic community, this unique Brooklynite always had a passion for all things home. After living as an artist in NYC and Berlin, she enrolled in the Home Products Development & Marketing Department at FIT and hasn’t looked back since.

As an artist, Layla finds inspiration in unexpected places to bring beauty and grit into her designs. She has an uncanny knack for making odd connections, then bringing it into the home space. For example, when Layla looks at a table, she sees a cake stand. Or when she looks at a piece of jewelry she envisions it being transformed into a new usage like a trivet or a napkin ring. It’s not the item that gets transformed, it’s the perspective of the user that broadens. Her unique creative process is how everything at Art and Cook is conceptualized. 

What’s your favorite food memory?
Growing up in my community, my grandfather owned the first grocery store in our village of Kiryas Joel called Feder’s Grocery and as a child I was always in the store taking whatever I wanted and walking right out. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I found out that stuff was all supposed to be paid for.

What’s your can’t live without Art and Cook product? 
The flip glass storage containers. They’re beautiful and the lightweight, clean borosilicate glass with silicone top is everything. They help me keep my stuff organized and look so pretty. Hearing that snapping sound stimulates my ASMR and is so satisfying. They are completely multifunctional- where fashion meets function.

Robert Grosso

Senior Buyer